Why Kenya?

Kenya is one of the most stable democracies in Africa. The Government welcomes, promotes and protects private enterprise. In addition, Kenya's competitive advantage for the health and pharmaceutical sector investment is supported by various investor friendly factors that include:

  • Trademark and patent protection
  • Access to the regional market
  • Stable political climate
  • Investment insurance
  • Strategic location

Investor friendly arrangements:

  • Export Processing Zones (EPZ)
  • Investment Promotion Centre (IPC)
  • Tax Remission for Export Office (TREO)
  • Generous investment and capital allowances
  • Double taxation, bilateral investment and trade agreements
  • Availability of affordable labour
  • Good quality of life

Investment Opportunities In Kenya's Pharmaceuticals Industry:

  • Commercial processing of traditional medicines, considering the diverse flora available in the country.
  • Multipurpose chemical plant for bulk production of intermediate inputs such as paracetamol, aspirin, etc.
  • Chemical plant to manufacture anti tuberculosis, anti-leprosy, antibiotic rifampicin from the penultimate state.
  • Processing of locally available sugar, salt (sodium chloride) and ethanol to pharmaceutical grade for pharmaceutical industry use.
  • Manufacture of disposable surgical gloves, latex gloves and similar products.
  • Manufacture of medical supplies e.g. syringes, catheters, gauzes, etc,and medical equipment for the regional market.

Get ready to stand out

The country's pharmaceutical and consumer health market is estimated to be worth an estimated USD 160 million each year

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